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so theres this girl on tumblr (sairruuh) who is pretending to be tran for attention. shes super girly and aint even on t or anythin. she dresses like a girl, has a girl name and hasn’t had surgery or hormones. she is giving the tran community a bad name by pretending to be something she isn’t when people who really are tran have a hard life as it is we dont need people pretendin. it sucks that shes needs attention that much she acts tran for attention because its “cool”





if you think this is weird why do you drink cows milk?

I had someone tell me they saw a picture like this and they were disgusted, they were like “How can you let another animal drink from you? That’s for your baby, that’s sick.” I just held a very dedicated pause.

Well, that’s how us vegans see how you drink from cows milk. To us it’s sick and disgusting!

this is disturbing. but the people above are right… if u think its wrong, why do you do it. #vegan

People probably find it disturbing/disgusting because it’s drinking directly from the human. As far as I know, most humans do not go up to a cow and drink their milk directly from the cows nipple. 

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this is alexs’ picture 

yes it is maddison. le fixing credit~

F1000027Film roll 14 (by Cecilie Askov)

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